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Jefferson County, IL

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Average Home Prices
Lowest Average Highest
$53,081 $278,836 $504,590
Average Home Price per Square Feet
Lowest Average Highest
$48 $103 $158
Average Home Statistics in Terms of:
No. of beds No. of baths Square feet
3 2 2715 sq. ft.

Jefferson County, located in Southern Illinois is a place that offers a unique blend of rural charm and suburban ease. The area has a rich history, vibrant communities, and diverse property options that cater to a wide range of preferences and budgets. These are just some of the reasons why so many homebuyers and investors find it such an appealing location.

The county is characterized by its inviting small-town atmosphere, yet it is strategically located providing easy access to major urban centers. Jefferson County strikes that perfect balance and is a great place for those looking for tranquility without sacrificing convenience.

Here we’ll take a deep look at Jefferson County, IL, real estate, including the types of homes available, and what to expect if you decide to make this area your home. We’ll discover why Jefferson County is becoming an increasingly popular choice for those looking to plant roots or invest in the Midwest.

Discover Jefferson County, IL

Jefferson County is a captivating blend of cultural history, natural beauty, and economic growth. Covering an area of approximately 584 square miles, the county melds rolling landscapes, fertile plains, and scenic waterways, painting a diverse and picturesque backdrop for its 38,000 inhabitants. It’s small enough to retain a sense of small-town friendliness yet large enough to have all you could want within a short distance.

The county is positioned at the intersection of Interstate 57 and Interstate 64. This prime location not only makes the county a hub for transportation and logistics but also provides easy access to major metropolitan areas like St. Louis, Missouri, which is approximately 90 miles to the west, and Nashville, Tennessee, to the south.

Brief History of Jefferson County, IL

Jefferson County’s rich tapestry of historical events and developments offers a fascinating glimpse into the evolution of the American Midwest. Established on March 26, 1819, the county was named in honor of Thomas Jefferson, the third President of the United States and principal author of the Declaration of Independence.

The early history of Jefferson County is marked by the settlement of pioneers who ventured into the area. They established homesteads, farms, and small communities, laying the groundwork for the county’s agricultural tradition. The arrival of the Illinois Central Railroad in the 1850s transformed the county, boosting the local economy by providing a vital link to markets in Chicago and beyond.

The discovery of oil in the region and the establishment of manufacturing and service industries diversified the economy. The construction of Interstate 57 in the 1960s further enhanced the county’s connectivity and attractiveness for business and residential development.

Today, Jefferson County is a location that honors its past while looking forward to a future of growth and opportunity.

Real Estate in Jefferson County, IL

Jefferson County, IL, real estate is diverse and there’s something here to accommodate any lifestyle or investment strategy. The residential market is notable for its affordability compared to many other parts of Illinois and the broader Midwest. Popular types of property available in Jefferson County, IL, include:

  • Single-Family Homes — These are the most common property types in Jefferson County, ranging from historic homes with unique architectural details to modern constructions in newly developed subdivisions. Buyers can find options from cozy cottages to spacious properties with large yards catering to different family sizes and budgets.
  • Condominiums and Townhouses — While less prevalent than single-family homes, condos and townhouses offer low-maintenance living options, appealing to young professionals, downsizers, and retirees. These properties are typically found in the more populated areas and offer a community lifestyle with shared amenities.
  • Rural and Farm Properties — Reflecting the county’s agricultural heritage, there are numerous rural properties available, including working farms, ranches, and plots of land ideal for custom-built homes or agricultural use. These properties appeal to those looking for a lifestyle that’s more connected to the land.
  • Waterfront Homes — In addition, Jefferson County also has waterfront properties along Rend Lake and properties designed for hunting and enjoying wildlife near private hunting grounds and conservation projects. These are designed specifically for outdoor enthusiasts.

Jefferson County Home Amenities

While there is an abundance of great single-family homes available, there are also some luxury properties here that can be had for a fraction of the cost they would be in other parts of the US. The average home price in the US has wavered at around the $400,00 mark over the last few years, and in most places that will get you a decent single-family home. In Jefferson County, IL, it’s not unheard of to get a waterfront home that has large square footage and great interiors for the same price.

Here are some of the features and amenities that are becoming more prevalent in Jefferson County homes.

  • Large Outdoor Spaces — Given the county’s generous expanses of land, many homes have large yards with ample space for gardening, decks and patios, and play areas for kids. These spaces are great additions to homes for relaxation and recreation.
  • Modern Kitchens — Open-layout kitchens are popular in homes in Jefferson County.

    They are often kitted with energy-efficient appliances and sleek modern fixtures.

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  • Energy Efficiency and Sustainability — An increasing number of homes include sustainability and energy-efficient features that will help with cost-saving and promote sustainability. Solar panels for renewable energy are becoming more popular.
  • Luxury Amenities — Luxury add-ons like spa-inspired bathrooms with large soaking tubs, rain showers, and walk-in closets are selling points for high-end homes in the area.
  • Smart Home Technology — Not all homes have smart technology but more and more properties are including this in the design. These include programmable thermostats, smart lighting, and enhanced security features.

Investing in Jefferson County, IL

Properties in Jefferson County have shown fair to good appreciation over the past few years, driven by factors such as population growth, economic development, and infrastructure improvements.

While there are fluctuations in price, as in any market, Jefferson County’s real estate market benefits from stability. This stability provides buyers with confidence, and the possibility of a strong return on investment if and when they decide to sell their Jefferson County home.

Popular Neighborhoods in Jefferson County, IL

Jefferson County, Illinois, has a variety of neighborhoods, each with its own unique charm and appeal. While there are many delightful areas to live in, some neighborhoods stand out due to their location, amenities, community spirit, and overall quality of life.

Here are some of the most popular neighborhoods in Jefferson County:

  • Mount Vernon — As the county seat and largest city in Jefferson County, Mount Vernon is a hub of activity, culture, and community life. The neighborhood is known for its blend of historic charm and modern conveniences.

    Residents enjoy access to quality schools, extensive shopping options, diverse dining, and numerous parks and recreational facilities. The Cedarhurst Center for the Arts, and various community activities, add to the neighborhood’s appeal.

  • Summersville — Located on the outskirts of Mount Vernon, Summersville is favored for its suburban feel combined with easy access to the city center’s amenities. This neighborhood is appealing for families and those looking for a quieter lifestyle without sacrificing convenience. Summersville has excellent schools and well-maintained parks.
  • Ina—Ina offers a more rural living experience while still being close enough to Mount Vernon for easy access to urban amenities. This neighborhood is known for its spacious properties, which offer residents plenty of room for outdoor activities such as gardening or even light farming. The community is close-knit and particularly appealing to those who prefer a quieter, more laid-back lifestyle, with the benefits of nature and open spaces right at their doorstep.
  • Woodlawn — Woodlawn is another popular neighborhood in Jefferson County, prized for its small-town feel and strong community bonds. The area has a selection of single-family homes, many with large lots providing privacy and space for outdoor living. Residents of Woodlawn benefit from a sense of seclusion and tranquility while still enjoying easy access to the amenities and services of nearby larger towns.

Each of these neighborhoods has its own unique advantages, whether it’s the historic charm and cultural vibrancy of Mount Vernon, the suburban appeal of Summersville, the rural tranquility of Ina, or the tight-knit community and peaceful living in Woodlawn.

Life in Jefferson County, IL

Life in Jefferson County, Illinois, is generally easy and laid back. Here’s an overview of what day-to-day life is like in this beautiful part of the country.

Getting Around

Getting around is straightforward with well-maintained roads and highways connecting residents to local amenities and neighboring cities. Public transportation options are available for those commuting within the county, and the proximity to major highways like I-57 and I-64 facilitates easy travel to larger urban centers.


The county is home to a range of educational institutions, from public schools known for their dedicated staff and strong academic programs to private options that cater to specific educational philosophies. Jefferson County is served by many school districts including Mount Vernon City Schools District 80 and Woodlawn Unit School District 209. All of which provide quality education, with Mount Vernon Township High School being notable for its strong academics and activities.


Shopping in Jefferson County combines the availability of national retailers with the charm of local boutiques and farmers’ markets. You’ll find what you’re looking for whether it’s everyday necessities or unique handmade gifts. Mount Vernon has Times Square Mall and Downtown Vernon that’s full of unique craft spots and antique shops.


Dining options in Jefferson County reflect its rich agricultural heritage. From cozy cafes and diners offering traditional American fare to a variety of international cuisines, residents and visitors alike can enjoy a wide range of dining experiences. Try JJ’s Sports Bar and Grill for a great time out with family or friends.

Outdoor Recreation

The county’s natural landscapes are a playground for outdoor enthusiasts. Rend Lake offers fishing, boating, and camping, while numerous parks and trails are perfect for hiking, biking, and observing wildlife. The commitment to preserving natural beauty ensures that outdoor recreation will remain a cornerstone of life in Jefferson County.

Why Homebuyers Love Jefferson County

Homebuyers are drawn to Jefferson County, IL, by a multitude of factors that when put together provide a fulfilling and enjoyable life for residents.

  1. Safety and Security—Jefferson County has a reputation for safety and security, offering residents peace of mind and a sense of comfort in their surroundings.
  2. children going to school

  3. Affordability — One of the most compelling reasons for homebuyers to choose Jefferson County is its affordability. The cost of living in the area is lower compared to many other regions, allowing residents to enjoy a high quality of life without having to overspend. Affordable housing options, coupled with reasonable property taxes and living expenses, make homeownership achievable for a wide range of budgets.
  4. Access to Amenities—Despite its rural charm, Jefferson County offers easy access to a wide array of amenities and conveniences. The county’s proximity to major highways also provides an easy way to get to neighboring cities and urban centers for additional shopping, dining, and entertainment.
  5. Natural Beauty and Recreation — Jefferson County’s natural beauty is another major draw for homebuyers. From the scenic shores of Rend Lake to the lush greenery of its countryside, the county offers countless opportunities for outdoor recreation like hiking, boating, fishing, camping, and more.
  6. Strong Community Spirit — Above all, Jefferson County is known for its strong sense of community spirit where neighbors look out for each other while never being too intrusive into others’ space. Residents here are social and warm and they love to join in and take part in local events, festivals, and community organizations.


Ready to explore and learn more about Jefferson County, IL, real estate? Discover this charming community with Capps Real Estate and Cory Capps. A lifelong resident of Southern Illinois, Cory utilizes his expertise and inside knowledge to help clients find the perfect property in just the right neighborhood.

If you are considering making Jefferson County your home, Cory can provide you with all the assistance you need to land that perfect property where you can make a home. Alternatively, if you’re looking to sell your home, Cory can help market it and find the ideal buyer. He provides exceptional personalized service and constant communication throughout the entire process.

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